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Cosmetic Surgeon Dubai

Cosmetic Surgeon Dubai – Do you love your body as it is? Or have you been dreaming of having a better looking face or body that will boost your confidence and quality of life? Then you can have your dream come true by working with an expert cosmetic surgeon. The work of such a professional is to give you the face or body you desire in a safe manner.

The main goal of a cosmetic surgeon is to work to change the appearance of your face or body for a more acceptable appearance. The surgery is done mainly for social and psychological reasons as opposed to functional reasons since the surgery is conducted when you are in good health. According to Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, a celebrated plastic surgeon whose specialty is in the cosmetic surgery of the body, face and breasts, there are many procedures that are done on the face and body to achieve the desired appearance.

Face Cosmetic Surgeon Dubai

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is carried out by a plastic surgeon to give the nose a better proportion that enhances your facial appearance. The technique can also be done to correct the structure of the nose to address breathing difficulties. An eyelid surgery is conducted to give the eyelids a better appearance by removing the sagging skin on the upper or lower lids or by removing excess fat on the eyelids. Lower eyelids that are droopy and bags under the eyes can also be fixed.

A facelift is a technique used to give you a more youthful look by addressing the signs of aging on the face. The cosmetic surgeon is able to remove the creases found under the lower eyelids, and wrinkles found at the center of the face. Excess fat and sagging skin under the jaw and chin is also addressed.

Body Cosmetic Surgeon Dubai

During a liposuction procedure, excess body fat is removed from certain body parts to help improve the body shape and proportion. The technique is normally used to remove fat from the upper arm, hips, thighs, waist and the abdomen. A tummy tuck is used to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area and tightens the muscles, thus giving you an abdomen that is far more firmer and smoother.

A body lift is used to get rid of excess skin and fat in order to smooth out an irregular skin surface. The cosmetic surgeon will typically perform this procedure on the abdomen, but it may also involve the buttocks, thighs or even the groin area. Other body surgeries include labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and male breast reduction.

Breast Cosmetic Surgeon Dubai

One of the most common breast surgeries is the breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery; breast implants are used to increase the size and volume of the breasts. A breast lift on the other hand is a technique used to lift the breasts to a higher level by having excess skin removed on the breast and then tightening the breast tissues to give the breast a better shape. A breast reduction is performed if you have very large breasts that may be causing backaches.

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